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Colony Square - 1303 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185



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Posted By :    Jill
Posted :    4/20/2017
Comments :    It is evident that Dr Chris loves the animals he treats. He has array of tips and good information to share about our dogs.
Posted By :    Stacy
Posted :    1/18/2017
Comments :    The staff and the vets are wonderful here! They are always so happy and helpful!
Posted By :    Weston
Posted :    8/31/2016
Comments :    Dr. Chris saw both of my dogs for shots and heartworm tests. One of my dogs is usually very nervous at the vet, but was very calm and trusting of him. I was very happy with my experience here.
Posted By :    Mariel  (pchisari@cox.net)
Posted :    10/27/2014
Comments :    Terry and Rebecca rocks! They help me a lot with my kitten. I am really grateful with them. Great team!! Thanks a million for your help.
Posted By :    Kathy  (eastjjjjjjjjp@wildblue.net)
Posted :    10/8/2014
Comments :    I wish I lived in Williamsburg so I could bring my pets to Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic!!!
Posted By :    Becca
Posted :    9/21/2014
Comments :    Dr. Terry took time out of her busy day to see a sick foster kitten of mine. I was concerned that he wasn't going to make it. She thoroughly examined him and found a large ulcer on his tongue that was causing him not to eat. She recommended a treatment plan that ended up saving his life. He is now a thriving, happy kitten! I'm grateful for Dr. Terry's knowledge and expertise in helping my kitten.
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