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Posted By :    Lyndi
Posted :    6/22/2018
Comments :    My dog and I are beyond blessed to have Dr. Chris in our lives. He made it immediately apparent by the care we receive that he is in this field not for monetary gains, but for his unconditional love of animals. He is the true epitome of a caring vet. There is no one I trust more in this world to take care of my loved one, and the amount of time and patience he provides to me both over the phone and in person is immense and so appreciated. He is happy to take additional time aside to explain my dog's conditions and methods of treatment, which really means a lot to me, as the person in charge of my dog's well-being. The quality of service we receive from Dr. Chris is very atypical of a professional, because he goes even further than above and beyond to gives us the best service. Not only did Dr. Chris save Harvie's life, but he continues to provide advice and care for him on an almost weekly basis. The rest of his staff is an extension of his character and are the face of Devotion and Care! I cannot say in words how lucky we are to receive such genuine tender, loving care from his entire office! We love you all so much!
Posted By :    Jill
Posted :    4/20/2017
Comments :    It is evident that Dr Chris loves the animals he treats. He has array of tips and good information to share about our dogs.
Posted By :    Stacy
Posted :    1/18/2017
Comments :    The staff and the vets are wonderful here! They are always so happy and helpful!
Posted By :    Weston
Posted :    8/31/2016
Comments :    Dr. Chris saw both of my dogs for shots and heartworm tests. One of my dogs is usually very nervous at the vet, but was very calm and trusting of him. I was very happy with my experience here.
Posted By :    Mariel  (pchisari@cox.net)
Posted :    10/27/2014
Comments :    Terry and Rebecca rocks! They help me a lot with my kitten. I am really grateful with them. Great team!! Thanks a million for your help.
Posted By :    Kathy  (eastjjjjjjjjp@wildblue.net)
Posted :    10/8/2014
Comments :    I wish I lived in Williamsburg so I could bring my pets to Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic!!!
Posted By :    Becca
Posted :    9/21/2014
Comments :    Dr. Terry took time out of her busy day to see a sick foster kitten of mine. I was concerned that he wasn't going to make it. She thoroughly examined him and found a large ulcer on his tongue that was causing him not to eat. She recommended a treatment plan that ended up saving his life. He is now a thriving, happy kitten! I'm grateful for Dr. Terry's knowledge and expertise in helping my kitten.
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